Financial Executives Email List

Finance Executives: Frequent Travelers & High Technology Spenders

Finance directors and financial planners are well educated and affluent professionals involved in various business areas that include accounting, financial advice and consulting, taxation, and lending.

Financial managers are influential in many company purchase decisions:

  • Accounting & Financial Software
  • Computers, Mobile Phones, PDAs, Netbooks, Laptops
  • Continuing Education Programs & Training
  • Financial Publications, Trade Journals
  • Productivity Software Suites
  • Trade Conferences
  • Travel Services (Airfare, Accommodation, Rental Cars)
  • Wireless Services & Mobile Technology

EmailMarketing-Lists's financial executive mailing lists include finance and banking contacts, personal and business financial planners, taxation and accounting professionals, CFOs, and leading decision makers at financial institutions. This broad market offers virtually unlimited and highly lucrative B2B marketing opportunities to individuals with purchasing power who control the company purse strings. These highly compensated individuals also control very high personal disposable incomes.

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