About Us

EmailMarketing-Lists is the world’s leading email lists and marketing lists company offering top quality email lists of business contacts all over the world.

We assure our clients to avail them the best business data which undergoes a constant upgrades process. EmailMarketing-Lists.com’s unique sourcing model delivers the world’s most complete, accurate and up-to-date business contacts and company data. You can now buy the Email Lists of Top Business Decision Makers, CEO Email Lists & Executive Management Lists without having to worry about the quality of the data, since it is human verified and maintained by a team of expert data analysts. All the email lists and marketing lists are segmented by Industry, Job Roles and Countries.

The management team consists of highly reputed business professionals having more than 10 years of experience in creating and selling list for some of the top fortune 100 companies.

EmailMarketing-Lists is consistently chosen by businesses of all sizes due to our superior compilation, verification and quality assurance processes that produce the highest quality data.

Say No to bad Data.

When it comes to quality, EmailMarketing-Lists never compromises. Yes we are in business to make money but not at the expense of your marketing campaigns. We take pride in the number of repeat orders we generate every month. We understand that email and other marketing lists cannot be 100% accurate and hence, we will always be honest and up front with you about our list quality before selling you the list. The order that you place with us is marked as finished once we know that you are satisfied with the full list and not simply after delivering you the list.

Our List Guarantee

Quality Guaranteed – All of EmailMarketing-Lists’s lists are verified by human researchers.

There are hundreds of list providers in the market that sell B2B email and marketing lists and they all claim to be of top quality. How do you pick the right one? It is really hard to judge the authenticity with so many companies selling such lists and hence we warn you to do your due-diligence before picking the right list provider. We know that you will be satisfied with the quality of the list that you buy from us and we will make sure that your list is delivered with the same quality that we promise.

Our Moral Ethics

We give major importance to honesty and hard work. We are proud of our track record and how far we have taken our clients through the quality of our lists and dedication. We are extremely happy with the leaps and bounds companies have taken because of us. To us, it’s not about the destination but the journey that gets us to the top, the journey and the relationship that we share with our clients. And our records prove that all the clients who have taken that journey with us have always had excellent results. So when you do set a deal with us and buy our services, rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth.